About Us:
The Place:

    Living End will be a dark themed place with a cavernous yet cozy feel that will provide a fun atmosphere,
    with a totally plant based menu,including veganized pub favorites
    from around the world to pair with great libations.
The Mission:
  • To the community we endeavor to serve:
    • We will provide healthy vegan alternatives to the standard pub fare
    • We will get as much of our food and drink from local farmers, breweries, wineries, and supplies from local vendors as possible,
      cooking as seasonally as feasible
    • We will work with local food assistance organizations and use our space in off-hours to host nutrition and cooking classes
  • To the World we will endeavor to make a better place:
    • All chocolate, coffee, and tea products will be Fair Trade
    • Electricity will be 100% wind power generated
    • We will employ green business practices
    • Did we mention the vegan thing?
The Concept Movie:
Click here to view a short movie describing The Living End's concept, why it will work,
and what I'm looking for in the way of help to get there: The Living End Saloon, The Movie

Information on Investment/Partnership:
If you'd like more information on helping The Living End become a reality,
please click here for more information: Investor Relations

Contact: Michael Farmer at: mike@TheLivingEndDC.com

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